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In a beautiful Wiltshire town like Bradford on Avon life generally flows along peacefully like the tranquil river that runs through it. Occasionally, though, a household or business in Bradford on Avon inevitably falls victim to a drainage disaster.

The first sign that all is not well with your drains could be water backing up or being slow to drain away; ominous gurgling when flushing or emptying the toilet; or perhaps unpleasant odours emanating from plugholes or outside drains.

When this happens the first port of call for residents of Bradford on Avon is Roman Rod Ltd – a local and independent family run firm – which handles all aspects of drainage work quickly, efficiently and economically.

The Roman Rod crew are experts at getting down and dirty, dealing with anything from a blocked sink or toilet to major drain excavation. Fortunately, with their high tech equipment, Roman Rod are usually able to avert the need for digging up and exposing damaged pipes to clear or repair them, being experienced at using the “structural lining technique”.



The aim of Roman Rod is to cause as little disruption as possible when they are called in to clear, clean or repair pipes and drains in Bradford on Avon. This is not only to relieve the occupants of the affected premises of the odious and inconvenient effects of a drain blockage, but also to minimise any structural damage to the buildings or surrounds while sorting the problem.

Drain pipes and joints can become cracked or defective for various reasons such as water infiltration, ground movement, passing traffic or the intrusion of tree roots. Roman Rod will identify the site of the damage using state of the art CCTV and sonar equipment. Generally repairs can be made by inserting a liner impregnated with a polyester resin into the drain, in most cases obviating the need for excavation. The resin liner may take up to a day to cure, but the process is simple and far less intrusive than digging up pipes to replace them.

Roman Rod also have an arsenal of high pressure jetting equipment at their disposal to use for cleaning and clearing blocked drains, whether on domestic or commercial properties.

Powerful laser-like jets of water are sent through the blocked pipe stripping off deposits from the walls and flushing out waste.

If you find yourself on the nasty end of any sort of drainage problem in Bradford on Avon, give Roman Rod Ltd a call on 01225 332181 for advice and a free quotation.


Our Services Include

  • drain clearance and plumbing
  • drain repairs
  • high pressure jetting
  • drain tracing
  • colour camera surveys with written reports and recommendations
  • structural lining repairs
  • excavations
  • installation of sewage treatment plants
  • specialised drainage works including pond refurbishments

We are also offer professional drain jetting in and around Bath and our equipment is used for a number of applications around the house including drain cleaning, drain clearance as well as the removal of roots in your drains. As a leading drain jetting contractor in Bath, we can quickly deploy the high pressure water jetting with special jet nozzles to clear blocked drains.


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