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Bathroom Drain Clearance Bath

Bathroom Blockages in Bath BA1 & BA2

How to Deal with a Blocked Bathroom Drain

By far the most common domestic drain problems that we are called to deal with involve some sort of blockage in a bathroom outlet.

Our expert drain engineers are on constant standby in our area of operation to clear blocked bathroom drains in Bath (BA1 & BA2), Bradford-on-Avon (BA15), Calne (SN11), Corsham (SN13), Chippenham (SN14), Devizes (SN10), Keynsham (BS31), Malmesbury (SN16), Melksham (SN12), Trowbridge (BA14) and other parts of Wiltshire.

We realise that living with a clogged toilet or backed up shower drain is not only a messy inconvenience, but also a health hazard, so when you call Roman Rod for help we waste no time in coming to fix the problem, find out why it occurred and take measures or give you advice to prevent it happening again.

If you notice your toilet or the plug holes in your bath, shower or bathroom sink being slow to drain don’t just hope the problem will resolve itself. You may try to use commercially available chemicals to resolve the blockage, but in most cases, this can do more harm than good, damaging plastic drainpipes or burning a small hole through the obstruction causing the block that will soon fill up again, packing in tighter than ever.

Call us in straight away because the longer you leave it, the worse – and possibly more extensive and complex – the drain blockage will become. The last thing you want or need are bathroom drains and a toilet overflowing, strewing sewage and muck on your bathroom floor.

The Causes of Blocked Bathroom Drains

An occasional blocked shower, bath or bathroom sink drain is usually caused by a rather unpleasant build-up of hair, dead skin, soap scum, limescale and other debris that is washed down the plughole.

When it comes to blocked toilets, we find that usually these have become clogged by using an excess of toilet paper, attempting to flush away non-flushable things like nappies, baby wipes or sanitary products, or accidental introduction of foreign objects (such as when your toddler decides to see if his toy can swim).

All the above problems are fixable, and preventable if care is taken to keep the drains regularly cleaned and descaled, and toilets free of trash (and toys).

If your bathroom drains suffer from repeated backing-up and blocking then we’ll carry out a deep investigation into why this is happening. Your toilet may not be flushing properly with enough water volume, for example, or there could be collapsed or damaged pipes further along the drainage system impacting the effluent flow from the plug holes.

Roman Rod has a full range of high-performance drain clearing equipment capable of clearing any drain. We can repair and replace drain pipes if necessary without having to excavate, using our structural lining technique.

Prompt, Professional Drain Clearance in Bath BA1 & BA2

Roman Rod is a long-established family business, run by Director Jerry Burns with his wife, Donna, and one of the couple’s sons, Samuel. So, we know how important it is to give a prompt, reliable, personal and professional service to homeowners who are struggling with bathroom blockages and other drain problems.

We are members of Bath’s Trading Standards “Buy with Confidence” scheme, and accredited to Contractor Plus Database, so you can trust us to carry out our work as quickly and cleanly as possible, charging fair rates.

You don’t need to take our word for it – take a look at our testimonials to see what our customers have to say about us online.

Bathroom blockages have a tendency to creep up unnoticed until they create a nasty situation that impacts on everyone in the home. It can be even worse in the case of a business like a B&B, gym, school, salon or sports venue when bathroom blockages occur. Keep our phone number handy and call at the first sign of trouble – 01225 332 181.

Roman Rod are drainage experts in the city of Bath and surrounding towns, providing prompt, professional services including Drain Clearance, Bathroom & Kitchen Drain Unblocking, Drain Lining Repair and Re-Lining, and Commercial Drain Clearance.