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Problems with Kitchen Sinks

Nothing gives you that sinking feeling more than when a horrible odour assails you from the plughole as you go to wash your dishes, and when you’re done the water just won’t drain away – all you get is an unhealthy gurgling sound emanating from within the pipes.

These are the dreaded signs of a blocked kitchen sink, which will have to be dealt with before you can resume your normal daily routine.

You can try the useful DIY kitchen sink unblocking methods of using a rubber plunger to dislodge the blockage, pouring hot water down the hole (boiling is not recommended because it could damage PVC piping), or mixing vinegar and baking soda as clearing/cleaning agents.

If your kitchen sink remains blocked despite your best efforts don’t waste any more time – call in the professionals from Roman Rod.

We have decades of experience and are equipped with a whole arsenal of drain unblocking apparatus, so will be easily able to diagnose what caused the blockage, where it is, and clear it with no ill effects on your drainage system, leaving no mess behind us.

We’ll fix the short-term blocked kitchen sink problem and find ways to prevent it happening again in the long term wherever in the drain line the blockage turns out to be.

The Effect of Kitchen Drain Clogs

As most of us are aware blocked kitchen drains are usually caused by allowing food scraps, debris and especially grease, fat and oil to wash down the sink plug hole. Fat that is liquid when it is flushed down the sink with the hot washing up water will rapidly cool and solidify in the pipes, the blockage caused growing ever larger and more impenetrable as more debris is trapped in it.

If you have another sink in the kitchen – a laundry sink for example – or appliances which drain water into a standpipe like a washing machine or dishwasher – you may find they are malfunctioning in the face of a blockage too because they share the same effluent drain.

Most kitchen sink blockages take place in the U-bend – that bent section of pipe under the sink outlet which is a requirement in the building regulations. It is there to act as a barrier to the foul smelling (and inflammable) gases that would otherwise rise from the sewer pipework to permeate the air in your kitchen.

Usually, to unblock a kitchen sink our qualified plumbers will need to unscrew and clean out the U-bend. If the blockage is not apparent here, our drainage engineers will investigate further down the drain pipeline.

Avoiding Kitchen Blockages

It’s amazing what we’ve found blocking drains in our work as drainage experts in Bath and the surrounding area over the years. Everything from car keys to a diamond ring has ended up causing a drain obstacle.

Down blocked kitchen sink pipes we’ve found produce label stickers, wads of paper towel, cat litter, motor oil and paint – besides the usual “bad blockers” like egg shells, coffee grinds and fats.

If you want to keep your kitchen sink free running, clean and odourless be very discerning about what you accidently wash down the plughole, and use a trap in the hole to guard against accidentally letting debris through into the pipework. Thoroughly wash out and disinfect your sink at least once a week to keep it hygienic.

If your kitchen drains do become blocked, don’t panic. Call us as soon as possible and we’ll put everything to rights. Our expert drain engineers are on constant standby in our area of operation to clear blocked kitchen drains in Bath (BA1 & BA2), Bradford-on-Avon (BA15), Calne (SN11), Corsham (SN13), Chippenham (SN14), Devizes (SN10), Keynsham (BS31), Malmesbury (SN16), Melksham (SN12), Trowbridge (BA14) and other parts of Wiltshire.

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