Blocked Drains and Drain Clearance Keynsham and Saltford

The Somerset town of Keynsham, and the adjoining village of Saltford, have achieved renown for being the site of a large number of ancient Roman buildings. Perhaps it is therefore no co-incidence that when the residents of this busy area straddling the A4 between Bristol and Bath need their drains or plumbing attended to, they call in Roman Rod Ltd!

The Roman remains at Keynsham, which include what was possibly the largest Roman villa in Britain, can barely be seen today, but the Roman Rod squad are very much in evidence making sure the town’s modern-day drains, sewers and pipes keep functioning. Those Romans of old knew a thing or two about drainage and plumbing, and Roman Rod are carrying on the ancient art in Keynsham and Saltford utilising the latest technology, machinery and methods.

Roman Rod has high performance equipment capable of unblocking any drain from a sink or toilet waste to a 9” pipe. When blockages or overflows occur in pipes and drains in Keynsham or Saltford Roman Rod dispatches its rapid response crew to the site – domestic or commercial – to assess and fix the problem as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption.

Most sink or toilet bowl blockages can be easily cleared and the pipes well cleaned out by using high pressure jetting. While you’ve got the team on site, why not have them clean your patio or path with their high pressure surface hover cleaner?

If necessary the Roman Rod team can use high resolution CCTV cameras to investigate the inside of pipes, and/or sonar equipment to trace drainage runs and locate the problem areas, such as the incursion of tree roots.

Roman Rod are specialists in high tech structural lining repairs, which allow broken or cracked pipes to be repaired in situ, without resorting to excavation, using a quick-setting resin.

If all else fails and there is no avoiding digging up your pipes or drains – or if you need a new drain installation in Keynsham – Roman Rod will do the job as quickly, efficiently and unobtrusively as possible.

If we have to excavate we do so professionally, our watchword being “safety first”. Whether it’s a simple gully replacement or a major sewer installation we’ll explain the operation and keep you, the client, in the loop every step of the way. Our quoted competitive fee includes everything from the initial assessment of ground conditions, the excavation work itself, installation of equipment, connecting the pipework and drainage, finishing all appropriate electrical work, commissioning the plant, and – finally – re-instating and landscaping the site to, as far as possible, it’s pre-job status.

If you live in Keynsham or Saltford and need Roman Rod in a hurry for a drainage emergency, or would like to consult us for drainage system or plumbing advice, give us a call on telephone call on 01225 332181.




Roman Rod operatives are experts at using a colour mini camcoiler drain and pipe TV inspection system on a push rod, which gives a high resolution image of the interior of any pipe from 50mm to 150mm in diameter. The company also utilises sonar electronic drain tracking equipment to locate the run and depth of piping, which can save a great deal of time and money.

Extremely powerful drain jetting equipment is used to clear and clean pipes, which fires out laser-like water jets at pressure levels up to 5000 psi.

Roman Rod are experts at repairing broken or damaged pipes using structural lining techniques, which involve mending the pipe with resin inserted under pressure.

Despite the use of state of the art equipment, modern methods of drain management such as those employed by Roman Rod for their clients in Corsham are not any more expensive in real terms than the older practices of using cable “snakes”, ramrods and pungent chemicals to do the job. The whole process is quick, clean and economical for the client.

If you live and/or work in Corsham, keep Roman Rod’s telephone number – 01225 332181 – handy. You never know when you may fall victim to a drainage disaster!

Our Services Include

  • drain clearance and plumbing
  • drain repairs
  • high pressure jetting
  • drain tracing
  • colour camera surveys with written reports and recommendations
  • structural lining repairs
  • excavations
  • installation of sewage treatment plants
  • specialised drainage works including pond refurbishments

We are also offer professional drain jetting in and around Bath and our equipment is used for a number of applications around the house including drain cleaning, drain clearance as well as the removal of roots in your drains. As a leading drain jetting contractor in Bath, we can quickly deploy the high pressure water jetting with special jet nozzles to clear blocked drains.


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