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Manhole Damage is Hazardous

You probably know what a manhole is – after all, they’re everywhere around us wherever we go! You’ll see manhole covers of all shapes and sizes in the pavement, the road, on grass verges, in carparks, and even on footpaths through green spaces. You’ve also probably got several manholes on your own private property.

To the layman manholes are rather mysterious. They are portals to a netherworld of drains and sewers underground, but they are crucial to those of us who work with essential utilities. We need to be able to open a manhole to access, inspect, unblock and/or fix drain pipes on your property, If a manhole – either the cover (or lid), the frame that holds it, or the chamber or cavity beneath it – becomes damaged or collapses, it will have to be replaced or repaired.

Even though they are large, heavy objects, usually made of iron or concrete, that are difficult to move without the right equipment, manhole covers can be cracked, broken, sink, bend, become dislodged or even go missing altogether, leaving the drain beneath exposed.

Broken or missing manhole covers are a hazard wherever they are, not just because a person or vehicle could fall into them, but because they can be a source of infection and disease, encourage rodent infestation, and the debris that falls in can cause drain blockage or damage.

Responsibility for Broken Manholes

If you notice – or are inadvertently responsible for – damage to a manhole on your property in Bath, north east Somerset or north Wiltshire, don’t delay: it needs to be fixed straightaway for safety’s sake.

The best thing to do is call Roman Rod, the local drainage experts, whose professional services include manhole repairs and or replacement.

Our drain engineers will come and fix your broken manhole in the Bath postcode areas of BA1 and BA2, as well as in Midsomer Norton BA3, Peasedown St John BA2, Timsbury BA2, Wick & Warmley BS30 & BS15, Keynsham & Saltford BS30 & BS31, Trowbridge BA14, Bradford-on-Avon BA15, Corsham SN13, Chippenham SN14, Paulton BA3 and Radstock BA3.

Many of our clients are confused about who is responsible for broken manholes and damaged drains, but the rule of thumb is that the manhole is the responsibility of the owner of the land on which it is located.

If you come across a damaged manhole on public land, you should report it to the local water authorities or your local council, who are responsible for carrying out repairs.

Comprehensive Manhole Fixing Service

Manhole covers and frames come in a wide variety of types and sizes, either square, rectangular or round in shape. They are also available in different materials, from solid reliable ductile iron to galvanised steel and even plastic covers.

Load-bearing strength is a big factor in determining which type of replacement manhole cover to install in a particular location.

We have the expertise and knowledge required to offer a comprehensive manhole fixing service that will be compliant with all the relevant regulations. We don’t just replace broken covers and framework, but will check and if necessary repair any worn mortar or brickwork. We’ll make sure that the manhole cavity beneath is clean and clear of things like root ingress.

We’re known for our neat, professional workmanship with all matters concerning drainage, and we’ll ensure unsightly, unkempt, cracked or smashed manhole covers don’t blight your commercial or domestic property in any way.

Roman Rod are drainage experts in the city of Bath and surrounding towns, providing prompt, professional services including Drain Clearance, Bathroom & Kitchen Drain Unblocking, Drain Lining Repair and Re-Lining, and Commercial Drain Clearance.