Structural Lining Repairs and Root Intrusion

Structural Lining Repairs

Where a damaged area is extensive, the defective pipe can either be replaced using excavation or repaired using advanced soft lining techniques.

The liner is impregnated with a polyester resin and then inserted into the drain.

Once in place, the liner is inverted using water or air pressure and left to cure.

The type of resin being used and the ambient temperature at the time of installation will directly influence the curing time. In the majority of cases, liners can be installed and cured on the same day.

Root Intrusion

Interference between trees and sewer systems is likely to occur in old systems and in cracked pipes.

Factors that contribute to damage old pipes with joints include shallow pipes, small dimension pipes and fast growing tree species.

Where a damaged area is identified, Roman Rod can diagnose the best means of removing the tree roots and repairing the damaged pipe.