Drainage Insurance Claims

Unforeseen drainage disasters can cause mayhem at your home or business, and when a pipe bursts or a blocked drain overflows flooding the premises you need immediate and urgent help.

Here at Roman Rod we run an emergency call out service for just those occasions, and the team that responds to your call for help is fully qualified to not only contain the problem, but also to assess and repair it according to the standards required by most insurance providers.

Many people are unaware that the cost of drainage repair works is usually covered by their existing buildings insurance policy. In fact around 85% of buildings insurance policies provide cover for damaged septic tanks and other off-mains drainage systems.

If you peruse your policy documents the drainage cover may not always be very apparent, possibly referred to as something like “underground services” in the small print. The cover will probably also extend to “accidental damage” and when it comes to claiming you may trouble with the interpretation of this broad term.

It’s a good idea – and we always advise our customers to do this – to question your insurance provider about what exactly is covered in your general buildings insurance as far as drainage goes. If you are taking out a new insurance policy make sure to set a criteria for cover for drainage repairs as a priority, or if it is not part of the policy request it as an add-on. You could save yourself a great deal of money should you experience problems like root ingress into sewerage pipes; leaking pipes; drain, sewer or pipe collapses; or serious blockages leading to an overflow of effluent.

When disaster strikes the Roman Rod team will sympathetically do the best they can to help you. We have a protocol in place for dealing with cases which may result in an insurance claim. This involves visiting to assess the extent and cause of the damage, advising you on the most suitable and cost-effective repairs, rendering the drainage as safe as possible to guard against further damage,  offering any appropriate health and safety advice, giving you a quotation for the repairs and then – if you are agreeable – undertaking the repair work as quickly as possible.

Depending on the problem such work will probably involve the use of CCTV and sonar, drain lining technology, jetting away blockages, and in some cases excavation of drains.

We are always happy to lend our technical expertise and advice to our clients in respect of them putting together an insurance claim and can provide pictorial evidence, surveys and written reports explaining the issues and the repair work undertaken.

As respected drainage contractors in the Bath and north east Somerset area Roman Rod are vetted and approved by Trading Standards, which means that insurance providers can trust us as experts when it comes to you making an insurance claim for a drainage catastrophe. We’re friends indeed when you are in need – just give us a call.

Our Services Include

  • drain clearance and plumbing
  • drain repairs
  • high pressure jetting
  • drain tracing
  • colour camera surveys with written reports and recommendations
  • structural lining repairs
  • excavations
  • installation of sewage treatment plants
  • specialised drainage works including pond refurbishments

We are also offer professional drain jetting in and around Bath and our equipment is used for a number of applications around the house including drain cleaning, drain clearance as well as the removal of roots in your drains. As a leading drain jetting contractor in Bath, we can quickly deploy the high pressure water jetting with special jet nozzles to clear blocked drains.