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Drain Surveys for Home Buyers

Reveal Hidden Drain Damage

A property purchase in England is “as seen” – it’s the buyer’s responsibility to investigate and assess a property’s condition before going ahead with the purchase. While most mortgage providers and insurance companies require a full surveyors report as part of the purchasing process, the drainage system is often overlooked.

If you’re buying property in the Bath area, Roman Rod will be able to carry out a full CCTV survey of the drainage system, to ensure there are no nasty surprises lurking in those hidden pipes and drains.

Our digital CCTV drain surveys for Bath home buyers can clearly reveal problems like cracked and leaky pipes; blocked and backed-up sewers; tree root intrusions in drains and pipes; poor or displaced installations, and collapsed sections of piping.

Our drain surveys also provide home buyers with a very useful detailed plan of all the pipes and drains buried on the property – ideal for future use if you are planning garden landscaping, home extensions or renovations.


What’s Included in a Home Buyers’ Drain Survey

We’ll work with you and your local estate agent to arrange for our trained technicians to visit the property you plan to buy. They’ll be equipped with state-of-the-art CCTV cameras which are mounted on flexible access rods to navigate through the drainage system. We also use sonar units for acoustic profiling of filled pipes.

After the survey you will receive – all inclusive in the price – a full colour high definition DVD with a written commentary; a full drain condition report with recommendations for improvements; and a schematic drawn plan detailing the location and extent of all the soil and rainwater drains.

You’ll have a contact number for our technicians so you can call with any questions or to ask advice.

We are Trading Standards and Contractor Plus approved, and offer a fixed price for our drain surveys, which are accepted by Wessex Water. All you or your estate agent has to do is give us a call for a quotation to ensure you have peace of mind before you make that big, important property purchase.


Local Drainage Experts you can Trust

When you occupy a commercial or residential property in Bath or the towns and villages of West Wiltshire, keep the contact details for Roman Rod handy.

Not only do we undertake drain surveys for property buyers, but we offer an entire range of useful drain services with no call out charge that you will probably need at some point.

We carry out all drain clearances and unblocking (from bunged up sinks to clogged toilets), high pressure jetting, excavations, structural lining repairs, and we install sewage treatment plants. We even refurbish ponds.

We’re proud to have a reputation for excellence in the area, both for our efficient and tidy workmanship and our professional, polite yet friendly attitude.

If you’re new to the Bath area we look forward to meeting you and taking care of your drain problems, like we do for hundreds of local residents.

The price you are quoted is ALL you pay for; no hidden costs.

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