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Colour Camera Surveys, Drain Tracing & CCTV

Drainage Camera Surveys Bath

Persistent problems with the same drain? A toilet that keeps blocking? A manhole continually backing up? These sorts of issues (and the rare occurrence of us being unable to shift a blockage) indicate the need for a Roman Rod CCTV Survey.

A CCTV Survey involves dropping our specialist camera down the drain and viewing a full colour display to identify the problem. It could be anything: a collapsed pipe, tree roots, limescale or any object that has found its way down the drain. Whatever it is we will be able to see it and give you our expert advice on a viable solution.

Unlike some companies we will always consult with you before we start any camerasurvey, to make sure you are happy for us to proceed.  Our price is normally a little more expensive then our competitors, but you will be quoted one fixed charge with no hidden costs.

Included in the price is:

  • Full colour DVD with written commentary
  • Full report with recommendations
  • Drawing of property with all soil/rainwater drains detailed.
  • A telephone number to call for any queries or questions you may have. (Being a family business you will be able to talk directly to the engineer who carried out the survey.)
  • Wessex Water Approved

*We also have the ability to give you depth readings should you need them.

This is all covered in one fixed price, with no hidden extras. Our surveys are accepted by Wessex Water, Workman and Partners, Ken Biggs contractors and many more, so you know you are in good hands.

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Home Buyer Drain Survey Bath

Buying or selling a home in Bath?

Bath is well known for its Roman heritage and Georgian buildings.  Unfortunately that means that some of the drainage systems under properties in and around Bath are rather antiquated! That’s why, if you are buying or selling a house in Bath, you should arrange a full CCTV survey of all the drainage systems to make sure there are no nasty surprises after purchasing your dream home.

We offer a fixed quote based on your property. To see what’s included in the price see Camera Surveys above.

We also work with Estate Agents like Savills. So give yourself peace of mind before you put down that deposit!

*Our Surveys are accepted by Wessex Water

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Build Over/Extensions Drainage Survey Bath

If you are building an extension to your house, or doing a build-over, then it is a requirement to submit plans of the drainage systems running underneath the planned extension to the local authority. Roman Rod’s CCTV package makes this easy. Our fixed price includes a detailed drawing of all the drains on the property.

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Our Services Include

  • drain clearance and plumbing
  • drain repairs
  • high pressure jetting
  • drain tracing
  • colour camera surveys with written reports and recommendations
  • structural lining repairs
  • excavations
  • installation of sewage treatment plants
  • specialised drainage works including pond refurbishments

We are also offer professional drain jetting in and around Bath and our equipment is used for a number of applications around the house including drain cleaning, drain clearance as well as the removal of roots in your drains. As a leading drain jetting contractor in Bath, we can quickly deploy the high pressure water jetting with special jet nozzles to clear blocked drains.

Roman Rod’s positive online reviews on several sites bear testament to their reputation for excellent service. Customers have praised the Trading Standards approved Roman Rod team on a personal level for their professional, polite and friendly attitude. They also express their appreciation for them arriving on time and working quickly, efficiently and tidily to clear drains in and around Bath, leaving their work site clean after resolving issues, even if excavation has been necessary. Roman Rod is regarded as honest, trustworthy and fairly priced.