Blocked Drains and Drain Clearance Bath

There are dozens of reasons why drains become blocked. Grease and fat poured down the sink, unsuitable objects flushed down the toilet, an invasion of tree roots or a collapsed pipe are among the most common causes. It’s an unpleasant experience, but fortunately if the drain blockage occurs in Bath, you can call on the specialised drain clearance services of Roman Rod.

Roman Rod are on the spot, based in the heart of Bath, so are able to respond rapidly to any emergency call for assisting with nasty blockages or back-ups in both residential and commercial properties.

A blockage in a drain or pipe may be a sudden occurrence, or it could build up slowly. Be aware of the signs that trouble is brewing in your drains. These include “rotten egg” odours emanating from plug holes; sinks that are slow to drain; toilets, sinks or showers that make gurgling sounds when emptying; or toilets which fill to the brim on flushing, threatening to overflow.

If you think you notice any of the threatening symptoms, don’t delay in calling for help because the situation can only get worse.



As leading drain jetting professionals in Bath, the Roman Rod team are well-practised at deploying their high performance pressure hoses to clear any blockages efficiently with the minimum disruption to your regular routine. Best of all there is no call out charge, and any repairs required will be assessed and completed as affordably as possible, usually without having to resort to the messy business of excavating pipes.

Roman Rod use the latest techniques to diagnose and repair drain problems in Bath, including camera surveys and ‘no-dig’ pipe lining technology. The team arrives with a fully equipped van enabling them to deal with any job, from unblocking a sink or toilet to a 9ft diameter pipe!

Roman Rod is a tried and trusted local independent family-run business providing drain cleaning and plumbing services in Bath and the surrounding area. The firm has a growing list of satisfied customers, is Bath Trading Standards approved as part of the organisation’s “Buy with Confidence” scheme, and is accredited to Contractor Plus Database.

Roman Rod’s emergency number – 01225 332181 – is a good one to keep handy so that if you are dogged by a drain disaster in Bath you can call for help without delay.